Launching of Paper Fall

We have finally released our first game in the Market, we are very excited because is our first game and now you can try it.We hope you enjoy it and according to the downloads we will add new levels, skills, obstacles and visual rework!
Here the link to download Paper Fall

Development of Paper Fall

We are ending with the last details for the launching of our first game for mobile Paper Fall and once it is published in the market we will post information about the design process followed. For the time being, we can show an image of a scene as we see in the Unity editor.

Welcome to the website

Welcome to the new website of Aisukaze Studio, here you can find information about future releases, meet the design process about our games, play free demos in the browser (Unity Player required) and participate in closed betas of some games that are developed in Aisukaze Studio. We will update the information to keep you constantly informed about the last hour on our games. Thanks for visiting and we hope you enjoy our games.